Our Story at GearUp: Bridging the Skill Gap for a Brighter Future.

Get to know the milestones that shaped us, the challenges that tested us, and the triumphs that define our journey—each chapter woven into the fabric of our shared history.

Stage 1: The Realisation

Welcome to GearUp, a journey that started with a simple realization: the skills we learn in school aren't always enough for the real world. The world of work requires several skills, including the use of tools such as the Microsoft Suite, financial modeling, and data analysis, most of which we were not taught in school. We also received no assistance with developing our CVs, writing application essays, and prepping for interviews. There was a gap, and we didn't only try to bridge it for ourselves but for several others.


Stage 2: First Attempt

We first tried to bridge this gap through a conference, gathering over 300 attendees. It was a day filled with motivation, skill-building advice, and professional insights. Yet, the post-event silence made it clear: just a day wouldn't cut it.


An Evolving Approach

Recognizing this, GearUp evolved into a more structured approach - a one-year program aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills for a successful career. However, challenges surfaced again. Students at different academic levels had varied foundational skills, making it difficult to achieve significant progress in a year, especially since our program was open to all fields of study.

(2018 - 2019)

The breakthrough for GAP

The breakthrough came with the realization that a more focused, longer-term approach was needed. Thus, the GearUp Analyst Program was born. Targeted at Level 200 students in business-related courses, this three-year program is meticulously designed to prepare them for prestigious roles in their chosen fields. Through rigorous training, competitions, and internship opportunities, we ensure that each participant is well-equipped for success by the time they graduate.


Our pilot with two undergraduates was a testament to this model's effectiveness. Seeing their transformation and success, we scaled up the GearUp Analyst Program, becoming the first of several programs to be launched later towards the vision of building a future where transformative education, skill development, and equal opportunities empower individuals to unlock their potential, uplift communities, and drive sustainable economic growth.

Join us as we continue to evolve, grow, and make a tangible difference in the lives of students across Africa.

In 2023
We officially registered as an NGO with the Registrar of Companies in Ghana under the name GearUp Africa LBG.
We introduced GearUp Education Support and launched the first initiative under this program called “Futures Fair”.
We continued to onboard new set of analysts under GAP (the 3rd cohort).

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